100s – Ice Cold Perm [Mixtape Review]

It’s always a good thing when you hear of someone from your community successfully following their passion, and eventually reaching the level of stardom they’d once dreamed of. I’m honored to say that while this artist may not have reached that level of stardom, he’s well on his way. At only 19 years old, Berkeley rapper “100s” recently released his debut mixtape Ice Cold Perm which features rappers such as Main Attrakionz and Shady Blaze along with the ever-so-talented DJ/Producer Ryan Hemsworth on the last track ‘Hemsworth Outro’.

Personally, I’ve known him since we were in 3rd grade and I never had a doubt that he would reach his dream and become a rapper. 100s is an amazing lyricist who thrives off explaining the lavish lifestyle of a typical west coast pimp. 100s is all about reppin’ the West Coast life as can easily be heard by his smooth, gifted flow replicating artists like Nipsey Hustle, Spitta Andretti (Curren$y), and more. With Berkeley native Joe Wax producing most of the mixtape, the vibes vary from a relaxing 70s feel to the bumpin’ hyphy influenced vibes that us Bay folk are so fond of.

His consistent flow on the fifth track ‘Land of the Laced’ off Ice Cold Perm is an easy indicator of how talented this dude is, especially when accompanied producer Joe Wax who showcases his talents on this track especially. 100s displays his talent on every track ranging from fast, lyrical rap to smooth and awesome Jamaican tones in ‘Ice Cold Island‘, the second to last track off Ice Cold Perm.

Though he hails from Berkeley, 100s tries hard to not be viewed as just another rapper from the Bay Area. This notion is easily heard in his music, as he gives the occasional shout out to landmarks like Oracle Arena and other West Coast eye catchers, but doesn’t feature bay slang or references in every track. This man is honestly, just as he describes himself in the last track ‘Hemsworth Outro‘ off Ice Cold Perm: a “skinny nigga perm’d up ashin’ out the window”.

Can’t wait to see what this man gets up to in the future, I’ll most definitely be paying attention; you’d be a fool not to!