100s [Interview]

In an effort to spotlight members of the vibrant culture that is the Bay Area rap scene, Metrojolt procured an interview with the up and coming rhymer, 100s. Members of our team were lucky enough to partake in this exclusive interview, where he talks about the highs of his career so far and the Grammy he plans on receiving in the near future. Check out the feature piece we did on him earlier here, and don’t forget to check the mixtape, Ice Cold Perm, if you’re still sleeping on the man.

How would you brand yourself? Why should people rock with you? If you could describe your style….

“It’s like some rap, mixed with some funk, mixed with R&B, it’s everything. People fuck with it because ain’t nobody out there like that, no one is doing it like me”

Did you grow up in the Bay Area? And how did you get into music/rap?

“Hell yeah, I grew up in Berkeley. When I was in Africa I had hella time on my hands, so that’s when I started developing my music taste and then I started writing”

What year would you attribute this too? Both writing and when you recorded your first song?

“Well I probably started writing at the end of 2008 and I didn’t record my first song until early 2010.”

Word so it spawned while you were in Africa, were you listening to African music or still keeping in touch with what was poppin in the US?

“Nah, I was out of touch with the US but I was just listening to hella Boosie and Webbie”

So besides Boosie and Webbie, who are some of your other rap influences?

“Hmm, definitely Mac Dre, Andre Nickatina, Pimp C. I listen to a lot of other music too. I listen to rap but not really like that. Like I listen to a lot of music from the 80’s and early 90’s. I really gotta give a shoutout to my man Bobby Muthafuckin Brown.”

I know your a Norcal cat but I noticed you talk about Southern California on the tape, so you’ve spent some time down there?

“Yeah, I actually live in Hollywood now.”

Word, and why is that?

“I mean it was a musical and business decision. All the clubs, producers, other rappers, studios are down there. Its really easy to set up a meeting in LA, LA and New York are kinda the two hot-spots. Everyone passes through there.”

In Land of the Laced you talk about going down to Santa Barbara and all that, what cultural differences do you see between southern California and NorCal?

“Well I mean the pace is just a lot quicker down here. That’s about it though.”

For sure. Can you talk a little bit about the Slow Drip Video? A friend mentioned that it seems like something A$AP would have done?

“Yeahhh that was directed by (HBK) Chito who’s a homie from Berkeley. I wanted a video to match exactly what I was feelin’ with the song.”

That’s dope. How much influence do rappers have with the direction of their videos?

“Well it depends what kinda nigga you are. I have a problem with anyone completely controlling anything that I’m doing. I’ll sit there with the director all night and edit the video. You can pay a director to make the video or you can make it a collaborative effort. I think that’s what sets me apart from a lot of other rappers. I have a vision and I know how to make that into a reality.”

Is that in terms of having a vision for each project or in general about where you see your career headed?

“Well I mean both, like forreal, I want a fucking Grammy. I need one. I’m just gonna get better, get more into the music. Learn more about the music side, and the producer side. It’s all available, and I’m willing to put in the effort.”

 How did you link up with Ryan Hemsworth?

“Well he sent me some 20 minute shit called Hyberbolic Chambers, I did a 16 and my other homie did a 16 [bar verse]. But it didn’t even make it through the first time. But eventually it got to him and he really fucked with it.”

Would you classify your self as a Bay rapper?


Why is that?

“Cause I think I try to make music for the world.”

Word I feel that, are you partial to the Bay though?

“Of course homie, I mean thats where I’m from. I was raised in the Bay.”

As was I… So, L.A. rap critic Jeff Weiss recently declared Ice Cold Perm his favorite debut of 2012.” How did you feel when you heard that?

“Oh really? Damn man I just feel blessed. I put in a lot of work to make this happen and I’m glad it came through.”

What is the favorite venue you ever preformed at?

“Probably the Highline Ballroom in New York, that shit was crazy.”

Nice, I’d expect nothing less from one of your first shows in NY.  So you started rapping in Africa, why do you think that is?

“It was cause I was broke and hungry my nigga, I saw people with so much intelligence and so much talent just going to waste due to there circumstances. Muthafucka I know people wit M.B.A.’s that sell cigarettes at a stand, it made me realize that if you have a passion, you gotta pursue it. There are so many people that don’t have the luxury of doing that due to their circumstances, and they might never reach their full potential.”

Yeah that definitely seems like a hard lesson to learn…

“Yeah but it made me who I am today and I saw a lot of big asses in the process.”

Word, so what’s your opinion on the XXL Freshman list?

“Well actually they’ve been pretty accurate. There are some people on it everyone expects and there are some cats your like who the hell is that? But you gotta remember that it gives tons of press. Like Macklemore, I had never heard of him before.”

Another Bay Area rapper that’s really coming up is IAMSU, have you guys ever spoken about doing any kind of collaboration?

“I fuck with him, uhh I got his email a while back but nothing ever materialized. That nigga is doin it breh.”

Yeah, I can’t wait to see what both of you guys do in 2013! Last question, do you have any words for upcoming rappers?

“Yeah: Sit back and put yourself together. Don’t let people get in your head. You gotta do what you wanna do. Stay grounded. Only take advice from people you look up to and people who got what you want. Stay true to yourself and most importantly, just work. Don’t be lazy.”

Hopefully I’ll run into you on the other side of the tunnel, I’ll be next to you at the Grammys or somthing slight.

 “[Laughter] I gotchu man, I’ma shout you out in my speech.”

In terms of upcoming projects, 100s informed us that he’ll be working with legendary DJ and Producer A-Trak on “some shit,” and that his next studio album will be titled Sex Symbol. All in all I’d say that the future is looking good for 100s, and we at Metrojolt wish him the best of luck! Props to Adam Berson for the connect and help with the interview.
Check out some of our favorite cuts from the mixtape below!