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  • Pickle Patch Tour

    By DJ on June 5, 2011
    The Tour is here: This Friday (6.9), at 330 Ritch, a free show/party is going down that you don’t want to miss. I mean, it’s a free show at a great venue in a great city with a solid lineup. What more could you ask for? You need to get on the guestlist though: here. Background: Finally, a high quality tour featuring […]
  • [Midnight Mojo] Pressure – Alex Kenji, Starkillers, Nadia Ali (Alesso Remix)

    By Chuck King on June 5, 2011
    Yummy, yummy, Progressive House. I love songs that have smooth and sexy synths. Pressure – Alex Kenji, Starkillers, Nadia Ali (Alesso Remix)
  • Drake

    By Osamagbe on June 4, 2011
    Now I’m not doing this post because of the teeny bopping masses of 12-22 year old girls that can’t get enough of Drake, or even because I am currently an avid Drake-listener myself.  I’m doing this post because 4-5 years ago before Young Money, So Far Gone, and all the commercial success that we know him by now, Drake was […]
  • Outside Lands Mix, Part 3: Foster the People

    By DJ on June 3, 2011
    In case you missed it: Outside Lands Mix, Part 2 From Outside Lands Mix, Part 1: I recently bought my ticket to Outside Lands, the premier Northern-California music event which is hosted in Berkeley’s enchanting People’s Park…wait…I meant to say San Francisco’s gorgeous Golden Gate Park. The festival is cheaper than Coachella, the weather’s going to be nicer, and even though […]
  • [Midnight Mojo] Black + Gold – Ellie Goulding

    By DJ on June 3, 2011
    By far my favorite song by Ms. Goulding. Looking forward to seeing her perform this at Outside Lands! Thanks to Niko for zee gold. Black + Gold – Ellie Goulding