We discovered Matamatics about a month ago and since then, his tracks have dominated our playlists, iPods and car stereos. Last night Taylor played two of his songs while DJing and both made the crowd bump more than usual…

Since our discovery of Matamatics he has begun traveling abroad, through Europe and Asia. While we are excited for him, it is a little sad there haven’t been any new tracks posted recently. We are eagerly expecting his return. Here are some of our favorites:

Drake- Best I Ever Had (Matamatics Remix)

Amanda Blank Vs. Deadmau5- Might Like You & I (Matamatics Remix)

Britney Spears- 3 (Matamatics Remix)

Matamatics produces mash-ups, remixes, and orignal tracks. Here is his blog and media fire account for downloading all his songs.

Posted by Taylor and Ben on January 23, 2010.