Alex Sibley – Gazpatcho

Alex Sibley is definitely what you can consider well traveled and experienced in the DJ world. Having DJed amongst legends like Richie Hawtin, Moby, Calvin Harris and Dubfire while having played at festivals like “Escape from Wonderland” and “Burning Man”, Alex is no stranger to the beautiful world of Electronic Music.

Recently signed to Bashi Records, Alex Sibley’s newest single, Gazpatcho is as fat as it gets when it comes to good Techno. In my years of listening to techno, I have all too many times heard songs with such little purpose and variation and things just become boring after a while. Despite the fact that Sibley has only a few releases under his belt, he has no issue with keeping his tracks interesting and has obviously learned something in his years of performance and travel. Gazpatcho takes its time at first, building up to the 1:30 marker where the white noise feeds directly into an early bassline that immediately brings you down from the static into an earthy and robust rhythm for the rest of the song. Alex Sibley has everything it takes and its no wonder that some of his songs have been featured on the radioshows of both Carl Cox and Umek, he is truly worthy of the airtime!

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