America [SoundCloud Roundup]

For this week’s roundup our theme is a very relevant one — America.  And by that I mean free.  Each one of these lovely goodies can be downloaded right off of SoundCloud and slapped on your iPod while you exercise your civic duties.  No royalty issues means you can even put these tracks in that video of you doing sweet techtonic moves on Youtube — which is exactly what this great nation is all about.

NT89 – Positive (Serge P Remix)

First up is a massive remix of NT89’s forthcoming track, Positive, by Serge P.  Why this remix was rejected I’ll never understand.  Serge P killed it harder than Obama killed Osama.  Serge P, we at The Metropolitan Jolt salute you and your glorious techno.

Proxy Shut Up! (Tenderlions Remix)
This one is from local champions of bass, Tenderlions.  Bangin’ electro is what they’re known for and that’s exactly what we have here.  If you never checked out the rest of Proxy’s Shut Up! EP, you should definitely give it a listen.  Remixes from VCO, Sound Of Stereo, John Roman, and Gtronic makes it one of my favorite releases of the year.

Andrea – Want You Back
In most cases my brain only functions at 128 BPM, but I wanted to take the tempo down a bit with this track.  Andrea’s ‘Want You Back’ is a lush, reverb laden abstract bass masterpiece.

Go Dreamer – Untamed (Produced by Sinden & Mattrixman)
After listening to this on repeat for the last hour, I’ve determined it is not techno or any subgenre of techno.  I think this is trap or something.  I don’t know, ask our hip-hop team.  It’s co-produced by Sinden and I like it so it’s going here.

Autoerotique – WTF (VCO Remix)
VCO or Voltage Controlled Oscillator is an electronic oscillator whose frequency is dependent on a controlling input voltage.  Science!

MPHD & Nisus – Grunter
This one comes from 2 up and coming SF producers, Nisus and MPHD from Bad Shoes Recs.  It is maximal future electro and I’m loving it.  I particularly dig the combination of acid sounds with heavier electro elements.  Just look at the waveform.  It is a sausage!

Madame – Evil 64
Here’s a freebie from the ever on point, La Bombe Records!  I can’t wait to hear more from Madame. God bless the 303 and god bless America.

Costello – 45 Minute Mixtape
This last one is a mix so it doesn’t really count, but Costello is supposed to release the tracklist at 500 plays and I really want the tracklist… I personally think this mix is the bee’s knees. If you respectfully disagree at least do me a favor and press play so I can get a tracklist.  I mean after all I’ve done for you people, it’s the least you can do to help a guy out.

Now go make the beautiful country proud and vote!  You can’t complain about the results of the election if you didn’t even try to make yourself heard.  These tracks are free, but freedom isn’t.

Fuck Saddam.

Want your tracks in the next SoundCloud roundup? Hit us up on SoundCloud and we’ll check out your music.