Apashe – Ritual EP

The Kannibalen virus appears to be spreading at an unstoppable rate.  Belgian producer Apashe’s Ritual EP is the newest release from the questionably evil Montreal record label.  Ritual is Apashe’s second EP released on Kannibalen (his first being the vicious Contamination EP from earlier in the year).  With this newest EP, Apashe picks up right where he left off in Contamination.  I really can’t describe the EP better than how Kannibalen described it themselves.  Ritual is “the perfect soundtrack for a post-apocalyptic tribal gathering of bass heads, rave kids and sound nerds.”

Ritual begins with ‘Origins’, a massive collaboration between Apashe and Kannibalen founders Black Tiger Sex Machine.  The intro to ‘Origins’ shows that some real thought was put into the structure of this release.  The gentle, building, almost mournful synth lines of the intro to ‘Origins’ completely draws you into the EP.  The second and much harder half of the track is what really tells you what this EP is all about.  ‘Origins’ transforms into an electro anthem with pumping bass and dark tribal imagery.

Following ‘Origins’ come 3 equally heavy originals from Apashe.  ‘Voodoo’, ‘Ritual’ and ‘Tomahawk’ are proof that Apashe can make just about anything.  ‘Voodoo’ is a dark dubstep number that would satisfy the tastes of brosteppers and purists alike.  ‘Ritual’, the title track and my pick for best on the EP is funky moombahton/core.  ‘Ritual’ is heavily percussive and absolutely completes the tribal theme of the EP.  Apashe returns to big-room electro with ‘Tomahawk’.

Ritual is without question Apashe’s most godforsaken brutality injected effort yet.  The apocalypse is undoubtedly upon us.  When the Kannibalen virus finally reaches San Francisco I will welcome it with open arms.  Ritual is available now on Beatport.