Attaque ft. Petite Noir – Blinded By the Moonlight

‘Blinded By the Moonlight’ is the new collaboration between UK techno phenomenon, Attaque, and South-African native, Petite Noir.  I was blown away by Attaque the first time I heard his music.  That being said, the guy’s productions have matured a great deal over the last year.  ‘Blinded By the Moonlight’ is perhaps his most crowning achievement at this point in his career.  It’s built like an acid rock song.  The production is top-notch and the vocals from Petite Noir are powerful.  Petite Noir is a relatively new addition to Bad Life.  As is customary of his work, the vocals he lends to ‘Blinded by the Moonlight’ are dark and haunting.  His voice has a tonality to it which seems entirely new to the dance music I’m used to.  It reminds me of my first time listening to Crystal Fighters in terms of how unfamiliar his voice sounds yet how perfectly it meshes with the rest of the track.  Petite Noir is currently touring with my absolute favorite band Foals.  ‘Blinded by the Moonlight’ is proof that both Attaque and Petite Noir are on the verge on very big things.