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  • RJD2 [Interview]

    By Cameron on December 4, 2013
    We here at Metrojolt had the distinct honor of talking to one of the great musical heros of our generation…RJD2. Since the early 2000’s his music has inspired droves of young producers, musicians, rappers and DJs to pursue their craft in new and exciting ways. His tunes blur the lines that are drawn between genres which in turn has brought […]
  • Fuck Buttons Interview + Show Review

    By Cameron on November 7, 2013
    Sunday night in Cambridge at the Sinclair, which has quickly become one of Boston’s greatest hubs of music since it’s opening last year, the noise infested duo Fuck Buttons from the UK graced us with their presence. Andrew Hung and Benjamin Power have been making music together since 2004 and their abrasive electronic sound quickly grew a following. Since then […]
  • Wassabii- Puddles [Metrojolt Exclusive]

    By Cameron on October 25, 2013
    Released today exclusively through Metrojolt, we are pleased to bring you a mix of brand new beats from producer Wassabii. Since his last beat-tape Golden State Loops, James Wasserman (aka. Wassabii) has been pouring hours of his time into his authentic, raw sound which has resulted in 15 minutes of soulful hip-hop madness. His tape, Puddles, is James’ latest in […]
  • Gold Panda @ The Sinclair [Show Review]

    By Cameron on October 15, 2013
    Gold Panda graced us with his presence this week for a performance at The Sinclair here in Cambridge Massachusetts. Bringing with him the mysterious downtempo maestro Slow Magic, the Boston crowd was  in for a spectacle of the dopest proportions. Slow Magic brought a majestic routine to the table that took a ton of people by surprise, building up the […]
  • Mount Kimbie @ The Sinclair [Show Review]

    By Cameron on October 10, 2013
    Arriving just in time to catch the end of Jonwayne’s set, he finished up one of his tracks and received a deflated round of applause from the audience. Jonwayne, not giving any fucks, yells out to the crowd “B-, B for Boston”. Oops… sorry Jon. Your flow may be better than most but your not going to get any love […]