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  • Kanye West – Last Call [Song Review]

    By Fans on February 26, 2014
    Before The College Dropout, Kanye West had already gained notoriety as a respected producer for his work on Jay-Z’s The Blueprint, in particular for crafting the lead single “Izzo (H.O.V.A)”. The Jackson 5 sample complimented Jay’s delivery all too well, successfully placing the track on the Billboard Top 100 and providing Jay with one of his most globally recognized songs […]
  • Flatbush ZOMBiES – Palm Trees [Song Review]

    By Fans on February 18, 2014
    As a neophyte to the Flatbush ZOMBiES movement, it took me several spins of their last project, Better Off Dead, to fully appreciate their brand of lyricism and the intricacies of their style. However, one track in particular caught my ear off the bat, ‘Palm Trees,’ mainly due to Meech’s phenomenal verse. Within his first couple of stanzas, Meech drops […]
  • The Based Bulletin, Your Weekly Wrap: 10/12 – 10/18

    By Fans on October 23, 2013
    Hilary Swank! Since the release of INNANETAPE, Vic has really picked up a lot of national buzz, like his recent freestyle on Sway in the Morning. Spitting off the dome might be one area where Vic has his brother Chance beat. Tyga’s newest understudy, Esty, released a visual for her debut single ‘Killing Your Ills.’  I had never heard of […]
  • Denzel Curry – Nostalgic 64 [Album Review]

    By Fans on September 30, 2013
    Watch out for Denzel Curry’s new album Nostalgic 64 (N64). While not every song is a top track, it’s highly listenable, and plays as a more technically skilled and lyrically inclined version of a Flocka album. Denzel employs heavy trap synth beats and catchy hooks along with his on point flow to paint a much more Scarface-esque picture of Florida; […]
  • Local Natives @ The Orpheum [Show Review]

    By Fans on September 28, 2013
    Thursday night The Orpheum in Madison, WI was graced with the five indie rock crooners that make up Local Natives. Led by Kelcey Ayer, lead vocalist, the natives filled the halls with sublime, lofty harmonies. There was a surreal glow from the lights against the fog in the venue as the group took the stage. Warmly greeted by the crowd […]