autoKratz vs. Blatta & Inesha [Limited Time Free Download]

Agree or disagree, it is the unflinching opinion of this blog that every genre deserves a little future.  Blatta & Inesha along with autoKratz are responsible for some of the best future techno so it should come as no surprise that they are the ones to bring us Future Samba.  Now of course the new Blatta & Inesha and autoKratz collab is insane.  If you know the music they make on their own, that’s a given.  ‘Future Samba’ makes the dark intentions of the duo of duos clear.  It’s a twisted and jackin’ take on Latin inspired dance music.

In accordance with their ever charitable spirits, Blatta & Inesha and autoKratz are letting us give ‘Future Samba’ away for free.  The track will be available for free from our soundcloud until February 26th.

Blatta & Inesha and autoKratz squeezed every last ounce of bounce left over from “Future Samba” into the second track to come out of the collaboration, “Drop”.  It begins with one of those evil basslines that makes you imagine you’re in a 30s gangster movie walking down the street, fucking shit up without a care in the world.  Maybe that’s just me.  The melody on the other hand sounds like it was ripped from some sort of twisted carnival ride.  It’s a combination that leaves you feeling uneasy — like something really bad is about to happen, but you’ll just keep dancing anyways. Again, the best part of these collaborations is that they, well, just sound like a Blatta & Inesha collaboration.  Not to imply it’s contrived or predictable, but after listening to it you can say to yourself ‘yeah this is the kind of track they would make together.’ With hardly a breakdown to speak of, “Drop” goes hard for 5 straight minutes.  Both tracks will be available on the forthcoming Bad Life records compilation “Saturday Night Sunday Morning.”