Blake Miller – Thunderwall (Rob De Large Remix)

Criminal mastermind Rob De Large cannot be stopped.  His newest track is an absolutely evil remix of Thunderwall by Blake Miller.  It is set to be released soon on Dim Mak.  If you never got a hold of Rob’s earlier EPs you need to do that.  The Crw/Werk and Anger EPs are both monstrous collections of originals and remixes.  Rob has a true talent for crafting an EP  — both in producing originals and selecting the remixes to pair with them.  While we wait patiently for another Rob De Large EP, I expect this Thunderwall remix will keep our appetite at bay.  The best part of a Rob De Large track is how much they seem to subtly transform over the course of a few minutes.  He plays with a few simple elements, shifting them between the back and foreground to create the different textures that keep the track interesting.  It’s a combination of subtlety in arrangement and brutal sound design that makes a Rob De Large track what it is.