Blatta & Inesha feat. John Lui – Neon Lights [Exclusive Track]

In honor of this joyous season, Metrojolt is partnering up with our friends, Blatta & Inesha, to give you a free exclusive track!  The track we have for you is a cover of Kraftwerk’s “Neon Lights”.  There are few modern electronic musicians who don’t draw their lineage from Kraftwerk in some way.  Italian kings of thump, Blatta & Inesha are no exception.  They have held Kraftwerk as an influence on their music from day one.  This cover is a bit less heavy than we’re used to from Blatta & Inesha.  Even so, those same Blatta & Inesha production skills shine through.  Blatta & Inesha’s version of “Neon Lights” comes off like a futuristic Christmas carol.  Their usual blaring 303s are replaced with a soft arpeggiated bass in the background.  It’s more electronica than electro-techno, but Blatta & Inesha nailed it as hard as everything they’ve done before.

Blatta & Inesha spent 2012 on fire.  F1, Consign to Oblivion, Coordinates and Dirty Knees were some of my favorite releases of the year.  Let’s also not forget the brutal guest mix they made for us in August.  With such an undeniable record of studio badassery and success in the charts, I suppose it only makes sense to give back to the fans who helped them have such a good year.  Below you will find our gift to you.  Happy holidays!

with love,

Metrojolt and Blatta & Inesha