Butch Clancy – LIARZ

Butch Clancy is one of those wild cards in the electronic music scene.  Coming out with a new track at least every month, you never really can tell what you’re going to hear.  You might hear some driving synth lines, some deep pounding bass-lines, intricate drum-lines or his own combination of the three. Regardless, his music is always central around one simple element: Bass.

With Butch Clancy, you’ll never think to pump up the lows on your mixer.  You’ll never think to yourself, “man, I wish this track hit harder”.  That simply isn’t the case with this perpetrator of bass music from Detroit, and if you don’t believe me I urge you to listen to ‘LIARZ’ on a decent speaker system. Treat yourself you guys.  Don’t just check this out on shitty 13 inch laptop speakers.  Make sure you get all of Butch’s full frontal assault of bass and Trap in your eardrums.  You won’t be disappointed by this “Ratchet Trap” as he calls it, that I can promise.  Oh and also, no one’s fucking with Butch’s dougie.

Be sure to cop it for free on November 22nd at his Facebook!