• Boston Calling: Fall 2014 [Festival Review]

    By Fans on September 11, 2014
    Boston Calling was the is this past weekend and if you couldn’t make it to City Hall Plaza, your escape from the festival’s gravitational pull may very well go down in history as “lame.” Metrojolt has always had a blast at the fest, and last weekend’s edition was no different. Here’s the best of what we saw.   Friday Neutral […]
  • Boston Calling: Fall 2014 [Festival Preview]

    By Fans on September 3, 2014
    Listen up kids. Boston Calling is back again. ‘tis the end of the festival season, autumn’s back and all the leaves will soon be brown. There’s probably more furniture scattered on those Boston, Allston, city streets than what’s fallen from trees, so don’t be afraid to celebrate the dwindle of summer this weekend in musician-heavy glory. Instead of scattering those […]
  • Just Walden – High Street Barton Blues [Album Review]

    By Cyrus on August 17, 2014
      There’s something beautiful about new age soul and blues music that’s being produced and performed all across the world.  As a piece of music, blues is the epitome of emotion – it changed lives by being an escape.  I can feel at peace when I listen to it and I’ve searched for that same type of feeling for years […]
  • Sister Speak – Chicago Dream

    By Cyrus on August 1, 2014
    What happens when you combine two Grammy award winning engineers (Fiona Apple and Brian Lucey) with Canadian singer/songwriter Sherri-Anne and drummer Lisa Viegas’ talent?  Well, maybe you should check out Sister Speak’s debut album Rise Up For Love to find out!  With captivating vocals that sing out to the skies, plucked guitar strings, and dynamic percussive drum hits driving the lyrics, Sister […]
  • Morning Birds – Summer Bloom (Optix Night Breeze Remix) [Exclusive Premiere]

    By Cyrus on July 30, 2014
    It’s about time for another premiere! Remember last week’s Morning Birds release?  Well, today we’ve got the summer rendition by OptiX who takes this contemplative song to new exciting heights!  After you fly in on the musical wings of OptiX’s aeronautic intro, the remix gets backed by a funky trance beat that shifts between a 4/4 kick and shuffling hihats.  High-edged snares […]