• The Morning Birds – BLOOM [Album Review]

    By Cyrus on July 23, 2014
    I always tend to find something special about collaborative albums.  Musical minds coalescing with one another, exploration of sonic ideas coming from multiple dimensions of personalities.  It’s a beautiful thing that reminds me of the true meaning of music – transmitting a message or an emotion from one source to the next.  It’s a method of communication where sensory emotional […]
  • Light Echo – Wallflower Voices

    By Phil on October 29, 2013
      I love watching you, I love watching you… Light Echo might be one of the more appropriately named artists in SF right now. His productions are soft, smooth, and evoke that same feeling you get when the early morning sun pokes through the trees and breaks the fog and haze, but through sound. One of my absolute favorite things […]
  • FORMAT & Octopus Present ADE After Hours [ADE] [Show Preview]

    By Cyrus on October 16, 2013
    ADE Amsterdam started today and boy is it moving quickly.  With the city decked out in the festivals traditional colors black and yellow, the inhabitants and sojourners to Amsterdam for the weekend are only getting the beginning taste of what the festival has to offer.  Of course, there’s still a good four days left of the festival to experience, so […]
  • Defected in the House @ AIR Amsterdam [ADE] [Show Preview]

    By Cyrus on October 15, 2013
    Words can’t truly express how deeply excited I am for this show.  Like many others, every since I had been introduced to MK’s ‘Look Right Through’ and ‘Burning’, it’s been hard to get that voice; that vibe; that infectious energy out of my head. Now, joining him at ADE this year, is a stacked roster of artists from the UK […]
  • Zombie Disco Squad – Hands

    By Phil on October 8, 2013
    Dirtybird seems hellbent on a path to monopoly of the tech house market. This latest release from Zombie Disco Squad is a big reminder of both why we love the label and why we love ZDS. There’s a meticulous attention to detail and synthesis in the Hands EP that both invites progression and nods to the classic dance music the tracks […]