• Morning Birds – Summer Bloom (Optix Night Breeze Remix) [Exclusive Premiere]

    By Cyrus on July 30, 2014
    It’s about time for another premiere! Remember last week’s Morning Birds release?  Well, today we’ve got the summer rendition by OptiX who takes this contemplative song to new exciting heights!  After you fly in on the musical wings of OptiX’s aeronautic intro, the remix gets backed by a funky trance beat that shifts between a 4/4 kick and shuffling hihats.  High-edged snares […]
  • Chet Faker — Melt feat. Kilo Kish

    By Iain on August 23, 2013
    Vibes. For. Days. When a rising Austrailian electronic RNB star teams up with Brooklyn’s mellowest hip hop princess, you just know you’re in for something tasty. No diggity. ‘Melt’, the newest track from 2012 Australian Independent Records Award-winner Chet Faker, brings only the most laid-back of vibes. With minor synth fuzz, melancholy vocal overdubs, and a beat that plays with […]
  • NVO – Solar Tide [EP Review]

    By Iain on July 2, 2013
    Space-cadet fourtet and live-electro crew NVO has a seductively extraterrestrial sound that sounds like a supercomputer jam in orbit. But this time around, their sound is a little heavier. This time, it’s all about one thing. It’s about those 100 hertz for the loose fillings in the back of your mouth, that little something to give your subs a kick […]
  • So Much Love to Give – Valentines Day Mixes

    By Various on February 14, 2013
    Today is a day of giving.  No, it’s not Thanksgiving and no it’s not Christmas.  It’s Cupid’s special day that only comes once a year on the 14th of the beautiful month of February, which can bring the most shy of lovers together or the most rambunctious partners side by side.  It’s that day of candy, chocolate and teddy bears; […]
  • Top 6 Boiler Room Sets

    By Phil on January 3, 2013
    2012 was a huge year for Boiler Room! Aside from Pete Tong and his Essential Mix show, I would cite Boiler Room as one of the most important tastemakers in electronic music. They pull the most important legends and the most innovative newcomers – and this list highlights the best of the best. With the enormous volume of these sets […]