• IAMSU [Interview]

    By Byrd on March 10, 2014
     The Bay Area has been in the news quite a bit lately.  A cultural melting pot, the Bay is typically outshone on a national scale by the glitzy lifestyle found in Los Angeles. However, NorCal and the Bay Area (which includes Oakland, San Francisco, and Berkeley, among others) in specific presents a more unified, yet paradoxically diverse, society that promotes […]
  • Behind the Boards with Jake One [Interview]

    By Xhjyl on March 10, 2014
    There are two parts to every rap song: the bars/rhymes/lyrics (whatever you want to call them) and the beat/instrumental/production. Fans recognize rappers through the rappers’ voice and story that paints the foreground of any track and, more importantly, through rapper’s name and persona that most tracks are marketed under. The producer, however, is in some ways the more important party […]
  • Vic Spencer – The Rapping Bastard [Video Interview]

    By Aswan on January 9, 2014
    Just before the release of his new album, The Rapping Bastard, the latest in a catalog as deep as any emcee’s, we met up with Vic Spencer at the Grindhouse studios in Chicago to talk about his mind state going in to the project, coming up in Chicago, and his uniquely versatile and witty style of lyricism. As a relative […]
  • RJD2 [Interview]

    By Cameron on December 4, 2013
    We here at Metrojolt had the distinct honor of talking to one of the great musical heros of our generation…RJD2. Since the early 2000’s his music has inspired droves of young producers, musicians, rappers and DJs to pursue their craft in new and exciting ways. His tunes blur the lines that are drawn between genres which in turn has brought […]
  • Little Hurricane [Interview]

    By Iain on November 18, 2013
    This past week it was Metrojolt’s immense pleasure to catch up with San Diego blues two-piece Little Hurricane. With a heavily anticipated sophomore album in the works, the duo are primed to deal major damage in 2014. We talked everything from San Diego microbrews, to makeshift speaker cabinets, to the upcoming album itself. Brace yourself and enjoy. I love what […]