Christoph Andersson +[Interview]

This dude has been making some real serious ripples in blogosphere these past weeks. When I first listened to this teenage songwriter and producer I pretty quickly dismissed him. That was a mistake. Christoph is only 19, but mark my words, he’s going to be big on the scene very very soon. He has already began taking over blognation. Christoph lives in New Orleans, a city known for either Jazz or Metal music. It’s exciting to see some real quality electronic production coming from an old school music location. Christoph is planning on releasing a four track EP under his very own label: Hurst Recordings. I’m telling you, this kid and his music are gonna explode.

All of the tracks I’ve heard from Mr. Andersson (unlikely his agent counterpart in the Matrix) have been bubbly-upbeat. As he describes them: “optimistic.” I think that’s a very apt description of his music and the mood it induces. While it’s not at all the same sound, it really gives me the same feeling of a lot of Miike Snow tracks.

I was lucky enough to ask Chistoph a few questions:

Metrojolt: Tell me about Metropol. If you had to describe it with a color, food, emotion, or place, what would you choose?

I think the only way I would describe Metropol is optimistic. It’s a track that’s meant to make a listener smile and enjoy themselves. There are no deep meanings to any of my songs. I really like the idea of making music that can lift people’s moods.

What fuels your passion for producing?

If I’m not making music, I start to get really uncomfortable and irritable. I take my laptop and interface everywhere. The idea of making music that people enjoy is my ultimate fuel for producing music.

How do you see yourself fitting, or not fitting, into the current music world?

My music doesn’t completely fit in to any genre, which I’m happy about. There are dance music elements. There are pop music elements. My tracks are a blend of lots of different influences. I think as long as there are music listeners who want fun and upbeat music, my music will have a place.

We are about the same age, so it hasn’t affected my opinion of your music, but do you think your age is too often considered/talked about in relation to your music? I don’t think I’ve read a single blog post without them mentioning that you’re a teenager.

There are so many producers out there that are 19 or younger. To me, age doesn’t really affect the creativity of producers. I don’t want my age to be a factor in how people feel about my music though.

In many ways, music is like a canvas. You can paint something, and then paint over it again and again until you feel like it’s finished. What’s your cue that a track is complete and ready to master?

Finalizing tracks is one of the things I hate most in the world. It’s so frustrating and tedious. It takes me entirely too long sometimes. I’ll usually just play the track over and over and tweak until I can stand in the back of my bedroom/studio and not go over to my computer and fix something. If I can stay standing for a whole song, it’s done.

What are some of your plans in the next few months? The next year? The next five years? This can include music-related goals or other areas you want to develop.

So I’m starting to do live sets as opposed to DJ sets in April. I’ll be touring a bit as well, which I’m really excited about. I’ll also be releasing a lot of new music. I’m also going to be releasing tracks from other artists on my label Hurst Recordings. 2011 will be a very busy year. My only real goal in five years is to be able to have a sustainable career making music and playing live.

Metropol – Christoph Andersson

Capital – Christoph Andersson

Tuxedo – Christoph Andersson