Claude Von Stroke & Kry Wolf – Turbosteppa

The dirtybird himself Claude Von Stroke has teamed up with English duo Kry Wolf to create what I am calling one of my favorite dance tracks of the season. Simple but astonishing, their deep house single Turbosteppa has loads of dancefloor potential. We love Claude because of his dedication to his unique style of deep house that he has monopolized with his amazingly successful music label Dirtybird. He has bounced his way to the top with his team of unstoppable DJ/Producers (including… Catz ‘n’ Dogz, Justin Martin, Stanton Warriors, Paul Wolford and much more!) Kry Wolf on the other hand have successfully and consistently changed up their sound/style after years of relentless dedication in the studio, keeping the UK underground scene on their toes. Their music is never boxed into a specific genre and their talent + variation continues to impress crowds all over the world.

Like most dirtybird tracks, the most attractive part of Turbosteppa is the bouncy element. In all honesty, it almost makes me feel stupid not to dance to this track or at least incorporate some sort of movement while listening to it. I hope for your sake you feel the same way as I do. Enjoy everybody!

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Be sure to check out Kry Wolf on Facebook and Soundcloud!