Clyde Carson – Something To Speak About [Mixtape Review]

Honestly, we’re about a month late on covering this. However, that doesn’t mean you should sleep on S.T.S.A. Clyde Carson comes through with a distinctly Bay Area tape, filled with the post-Hyphy vibe found on ‘Slow Down’ and in rising Bay Artist IAMSU! He delivers a solid project to his fans, adding to the swelling Bay revival movement.

First things first, who is Clyde Carson? If you are a Bay native with any sense of regional pride, you’ll remember him from The Team, an Oakland-based rap group, and their hits ‘Hyphy Juice’ and ‘It’s Gettin’ Hot’ (and the remix featuring MC Hammer). If you’re not from the Bay, then you might know him from his recent banger ‘Slow Down’, which finally found a home on this tape, or from the multitude of remixes featuring everyone from HBKGang to Gucci Mane.

On to the tape. The beats on this tape are exactly what we’ve come to expect from Bay music today, synth-driven trunk rattlers that have become synonymous with the area since the Hyphy Movement, which reached national appeal with E-40’s classic ‘Tell Me When To Go’. The tape has fantastic beat continuity, with each track flowing seamlessly into the next, thanks to production handled entirely by Sho-Nuff, a producer responsible for a ridiculous number of Bay bangers. His most slaptastic instrumentals come on the smooth intro track ‘Kill It’, the menacing ‘Outta Pocket’ and of course ‘Slow Down’

Lyrically, Clyde Carson does a solid job. He’s never been an extremely technical rapper; rather he just says dope shit that sounds clean and gets stuck in your head. And he makes catchy hooks. A perfect example of his talents is ‘Everyday’. The chorus is simple, but it forces you to bob your head and sing along. While he doesn’t come with some ridiculous metaphors or spit 50 words per bar, like Bay legend E-40, he rides the beat perfectly, lacing the track with a smooth ode to his everyday life:

“Blast out all over the state money all over the place
Why would I ever sit down how could you not relate
Make it about the town how could you not be great
Anything is possible not a whip is optional”

All in all, this is a dope tape, especially if you have the desire for a little more hyphy in your life. Clyde Carson has been killing it for years and this tape is no exception to that rule. Hopefully his newfound buzz from ‘Slow Down’ will allow him to get some of the national credit he deserves. If you are fiending for more Clyde, check out World Premier by The Team or follow him on twitter.