Worthy – Crying Crickets and Joints EP [EP Review]

Worthy-Crickets-Joints-EPFor those of you unaware of the amazing talents included in San Francisco based label Dirtybird Records, please become aware. I remember the first time hearing about anything Dirtybird related, was when my friend showed me the extremely hard-hitting remix to French Fries track “Yo Vogue” from Claude Von Stroke. Immediately upon hearing such an incredibly dope name such as Claude Von Stroke, I began to dig deeper into the Dirtybird database, only to be amazed by the talents of DJ/Producers like Justin Jay, The Martin Brothers (Justin and Christian), Kill Frenzy, J Phlip, Worthy, and the boss Claude himself. Recently, fellow Dirtybird artist Worthy released a 2-track EP on Skrillex‘s label OWSLA titled the “Crickets & Joints EP“.

Worthy’s most recent EP is comprised of two dancefloor heaters called “Crying Crickets” and “The Joint“. Both provide a preview of the vibes that are being created for Worthy’s upcoming album, which I wish I had right now especially after hearing these two bangers. “The Joint” begins with a very trippy and sporadic intro sequence, then transitions into a very hip-hop influenced breakdown where a very mysterious and upbeat sampled voice repeats the words “Do the joint”. At 1:17, Worthy builds the suspense for an insane climax that hits you square in the forehead. Worthy’s range in talents are not to be under-appreciated, as he continues to amaze us here at Metrojolt with his ridiculous mind-bending sounds. The second track on this EP titled “Crying Crickets” brings your ears back to the Dirtybird home-base, with familiar deep, and assertive basslines producing the energy-filled climax. This EP is serving as a reminder to me that Worthy is indeed very worthy in the music industry, and he’s got the perfect label and following to become even more successful than he already is.

I’ll be on the lookout for all upcoming Worthy and Dirtybird releases, you should be to! Don’t sit back and be ignorant, explore the limitless talents of Dirtybird!!!