Curren$y – Priest Andretti [Mixtape Review]

Describe Curren$y in two words: prolific and consistent. With 5 albums and more than 20 mixtapes to his name, the sheer amount of music Curren$y releases is astounding. Added to the fact that every tape is considerably better than average, Curren$y is an underrated and incredible artist. With his latest mixtape, Priest Andretti, nothing has changed, and he delivers another solid collection of laidback jams to get lifted to.

On Priest Andretti, Curren$y once again invites us into the lifestyle of a Jet. His bars are filled with tales of attractive women, old school whips and copious amounts of dro. Drawing inspiration (check the skits) from the Blaxploitation classic Superfly, he documents a stoners’ paradise in words. As usual, Curren$y brings his lyrical A-game, blessing us with a multitude of quotables:

I’ma let you hit the weed, once we on that interstate
I don’t be smoking on them streets
The traffic lights will have you in the jam with the man
I ain’t spending that minute, in the can

Sky Mall, tryina spend a hunnit grand

– Curren$y ‘2Much’

On top of Curren$y’s bars, the features on this mixtape are dope. The Jets come correct, with Cornerboy P, Young Roddy, Trademark Da Skydiver and Fiend providing some heat, but the best guest spots come from Noreaga and Styles P on ‘Boss Dealings’. In their first collaboration since #The1st28 [via DatPiff], Curren$y and Styles P go bar for bar, but honestly Noreaga comes the hardest. His verse is full of real experience that slap listener across the face right off the bat:

So there’s bout a million ways to make a million dollars
I know some chicks who try to make it from they baby fathers
I know some niggas that will shoot you right in front of cops
And do that 23 hour lock in the box

– Noreaga ‘Boss Dealings’

The strongest part of this tape is honestly the beats, which are unfortunately uncredited. Spitta picked a lot of beats that fit well together and he constructed the tape nicely, so it flows well from song to song. They all have that classic laidback vibe that Spitta loves so much, and it makes for very easily listening. My personal favorite beats from this offering are probably ‘Payroll’ and ‘Max Julien’, but there are some other cuts in there that are definitely worth a listen.

Overall this tape is solid, Spitta gives us nice bars and has the beats to match, contributing to a very smooth tape. With that being said, there really isn’t much that sets this tape apart from previous Curren$y mixtapes or albums, so if you aren’t a fan of Spitta or feel like devoting time to other artists, this tape is not essential listening. Still, this is perfect music to roll up to and the Superfly skits add some diversity and entertainment to the experience.

If you’re interested in more Curren$y, check out albums Pilot Talk I & Pilot Talk II (easily his best tapes), as well as his latest album, The Stoned Immaculate. Also follow him on twitter or instagram (@spitta_andretti) for some dope shots of cars, clothes and weed.

Download Priest Andretti Here [via DatPiff]