David AKZ – All We Are EP

While we’re giving some attention to the Russell Crank half of autoKratz, it’s only fair that we cover the exploits of the David AKZ half as well.  David AKZ recently launched a side project that represents a bold departure from the bangin’ electro style we came to expect from autoKratz.  David AKZ’s solo debut consists of 2 tracks packaged under the title All We Are.  All We Are, the song, is a brilliant foray into the deeper side of dance music.  The track carries the same funk and bounce that you would expect from autoKratz, but in an entirely new style.  If you know anything about autoKratz’ live music exploits, it shouldn’t surprise you to find a smooth little synth solo tucked into ‘All We Are.’

Ultralight is more of the same stunningly produced deep house.  The whole song gushes with this beautifully melancholic texture.  The vocal sample layered with the soft pads and phrygian mode melody combines into an unsettling but stunning soundscape.

All We Are features two tracks which not only pack a formidable groove, but are beautiful pieces of music.  If you enjoy the tracks, be sure to pick up All We Are on Beatport.