ETC!ETC! & Brillz – Callisto [Free Download]

With the advent of the Trap phenomenon in late 2011/early 2012, the whole electronic dance music scene has been a flurry of repetitious  artists searching for a window of opportunity within this new realm.  Producers and DJs alike, whilst utilizing a Hip-Hop mindset amidst trails of hihats, 808 claps and snares, and 90/150 bpm rhythms (boasting the soul atmosphere of Hip-Hop) began foraying into this “new” genre and the whole scene went nuts.  It was kind of like a kid in a candy store and the candy store had just gotten a new strain of lollipops.

Never mind all the crappy repetitive Trap out there, artists today are realizing just how far they can go with this genre.  Cue in Brillz and ETC!ETC! with their collaboration Callisto. The two artists showed exactly what is possible when two great and different minds collab with one another.  The synths are right on time, giving Callisto that eerie aura, and while they’re pitched down, Callisto opens up and gets a bit of breathing room.  The hi hats, snares and claps aren’t over saturated but spaced in prime positions to define the track and halfway through Callisto reverts to a new melody, as the drums seem to dissipate and the synths take over the track.  It’s just about then that we see the two minds of Brillz and ETC!ETC! combine into omne beautifully crafted and harmonic track.  Be sure to check out both of these guys if you haven’t already and grab the free download below.

Brillz: FacebookxSoundcloud  

ETC!ETC! FacebookxSoundcloud