Face Vega [Black Lodge Vol. 1]

Face Vega of the duo Gorgeous Children has a new mixtape out, and it’s a testament to how hot underground shit can be. Pulling from a series of producers– including the forerunners of the Based movement Clams Casino, Keyboard Kid, and Lyle DeLuff (Casino and DeLuff beats were featured on ASAP Rocky’s breakthrough mixtape and Keyboard Kid is a frequent collaborator with BASED GOD Lil B)– Vega lays a solid foundation for his promethazine-slow verses. This is the type of music I’d slap while cruising across landscapes covered in a blanket of smog or fog: the mood is decisively depressing. And that’s probably how the music came about, since Vega is based out of Olympia, Washington, a city known for its cold, moist winters and heavy fog. On the other hand, “Midnight” feels like a lullaby for the stoned kid after a fat sesh, so there’s definitely a level of playability for those people who aren’t experiencing smog or fog on a regular basis.

At moments, Vega’s flow reminds me of ASAP, at others Cyrano of The Cataracs, and once I could have sworn I heard a verse inspired by the slurs of Jay Z. But ultimately the hazy drawl is his own. He calls it “wavy,” which is probably referring to the head bobbing that follows sipping purple lean (referred to as “Kimberly” in a couple of tracks).

I just put the beat on and write whatever it feels like to me. Substances are involved at times, but I don’t really need anything other than a good beat.

For a 23 year old part-time musician part-time graphic designer, Vega has the right idea. He’s moving out to the East Coast in the near future, so I imagine we’ll be hearing more from him soon. Thanks to Kate for the hook, I always enjoy getting solid music recommendations from friends.

Black Lodge (Produced by Keyboard Kid) – Face Vega

I Can’t Stand the Rain (RIP DJ Screw) – Face Vega

Midnight (Produced by Sela.) – Face Vega

Download the whole album free (Bandcamp) / Twitter