Fat and Ugly, Bobble – Stratos EP [Exclusive Preview]

Gold Nite Records are already back with round two of their audible onslaught.  Last time we were lucky enough to be given the chance to debut their first release and with the response that EP received, we couldn’t miss out on their second one. Stratos is a 3 track EP comprised of 2 originals from a collaboration between Fat & Ugly and Bobble along with a remix by the Cologne based techno producer, Klangfarbe Antifeind. The Stratos EP has already received some serious support from some of the bigger names in electro-techno including Brodinski, Modek, Malente and SCNTST.  The first track on the EP, ‘Stratos’, begins as a percussion and bass fueled techno march.  While no less crazy, the next original titled ‘Miura’ is a more synth driven techno banger.  Miura is powered by a lead that sounds like a 303 that was tortured with distortion into something unrecognizable and brilliantly dark.  The originals of this EP are the sort of dark techno capable of laying waste to dancefloors everywhere from a festival tent to a warehouse party at 4am.

Last on EP is a remix by the promising up and comer, Klangfarbe Antifeind, of ‘Miura’.  Klangfarbe Antifeind managed to round over the sharp edges of ‘Miura’ to create something palatable to the more house oriented among us.  His ‘Miura’ remix did a great job of maintaining the integrity of the original while subtly shifting the feel in a bouncier direction.  Klangfarbe Antifeind creates a call and response between the heavier techno elements from the original and some housier update to the keys from the original that only come in during the outro.

Stratos will be available soon on The Rox and Ricktronik’s new label, Gold Nite Records.