Fire Inside EP – Gemini

Gemini dropped his latest EP, Fire Inside, on Inspected Records this Monday. Hailing from the UK, Gemini is one of those exceptional young producers who is overshadowed by even more colossal Dubstep acts. Regardless, he puts out a considerable amount of music and Fire Inside is his third EP so far. Once again mixing together relaxing piano parts with both chill and intense Dubstep, Gemini brings his best to the table. However, this time Gemini experiments a little and deviates from his normal all-Dubstep attitude.

Fire Inside – Gemini feat. Greta Svabo Bech

Starting off with some Electro House, loyal Gemini fans might be surprised with his change of pace. Fire Inside is a fairly chill track featuring vocals from Greta Svabo Bech and with an interesting drop. In fact, it’s a decisively uncharacteristic drop for Gemini. Instead of the relaxing and sustained synths that he uses in many of his other tracks, it’s a simple and un-impressive melody, repeated over and and over again. I don’t particularly enjoy this track since I’m not a huge fan of change, especially because I loved Gemini’s old style. Maybe Gemini’s Electro will grow on me. I do love the the steady pulsating beat under the vocals from 0:45 to 1:00 and from 2:30 to 3:00.

No Way Out – Gemini

Next up is No Way Out, a more stylistically “Gemini track.” It’s the beautiful and melodic Dubstep that we know Gemini for and it has plenty of nice chord progressions featured on the piano. No Way Out is one of those songs you can just relax to, but if you hear it played live, you’ll still want to jump and soar.

To The World by Gemini

To The World is a heavier Dubstep track. Gemini always tends to include these on his EP’s, and considering he’s really good at producing both chill and intense Dubstep, I’m glad he includes them. What’s also really nice is that Gemini’s hard Dubstep tracks sound both fresh and original. Yeah, sure, you could argue it’s classic Dubstep, but I haven’t heard anything like this track before. No idea who the vocals are from, but they’re kind of amazing.

Nothingness by Gemini

Lastly we have Nothingness. Gorgeous, gorgeous Nothingness. Very appropriately named. When I close my eyes, I imagine it playing as the soundtrack to a rainy day. Sad, slow, and emotional, this is something I’d want to listen to when I’m feeling down. It’s extremely piano-centered and calming: Gemini’s strength. It’s this track in which Gemini’s talent shines through most intensely.

While this EP doesn’t reach the monstrosity that was Gemini’s debut EP “Blue,” it does have some really nice tracks and it further proves that Gemini is a producer whose work shouldn’t be brushed aside. Enjoy and don’t forget to support Gemini by purchasing this EP on Beatport or iTunes!