Four Quarters Boyz – Future EP [CRUX Records]

Four Quarters Boyz is one more pair of Italian youngsters beginning to make a name for themselves in the future techno scene.  Their newest EP, titled Future represents some of their darkest and spaciest efforts yet.  It’s 5 tracks of unstoppable 4 to the floor.  Two originals are balanced out with two remixes and one “re-rub”, which kind of sounds like my lonely Valentine’s day.  First up is the title track.  ‘Future’ is pounding warehouse techno done right.  It’s sparse, dark and when played at the proper volume, has the propensity to make one forget they have shit to do in the morning.  One of my current favorite up and comers, Sirkus Sirkuz, offered two fantastic takes on the track — one being a remix and the other being the infamous aforementioned re-rub.  The remix gives ‘Future’ that acid sound that few electro-techno releases are complete without.  The spaces that made ‘Future’ such a hypnotizing track  are now filled with cutting edge, driving 303.

The second original, ‘Deep Silence’ brings the EP into an even darker realm.  ‘Deeper Silence’ is a collaboration with one Paul West.  At its best points the track is barely more than a thumping kick drum and the rolling bassline — just how good techno should be.  It’s the sort of track that comes into its own when the sun is almost up and the only way for the DJ to keep the crowd dancing is with a track that’s basically just bass — no filler.  The Doctr remix gives it a nice bouncier twist with the addition of a few more synths and drums.  It comes out like a techno Mr. Oizo.  That naughty minimal feel is lost, but it’s replaced with a vibe that emanates good clean fun.  Don’t listen to ‘Deep Silence’ unless you’ve got access to speakers or headphones that can do it justice.

The Future EP will be available starting on February 25th from CRUX Records.  Be sure to check out the toonage on Four Quarters Boyz’ SoundCloud profile including loads of extra-strength freebies!