G-Eazy Vancouver Show Review

Whenever I make my way to Fortune Sound Club in downtown Vancouver, despite the distance from UBC campus, I always know that it’ll be worth the journey. This past Saturday evening I had the honor, to attend an extremely unique G-Eazy performance. With about 200 people in the club, but only around 100 on the dancefloor, it was obvious that the club wouldn’t sell out like G’s show at The Roxy in L.A. earlier this year. Though I felt that the vibes were nearly the same as when I saw him at the New Parrish after Christmas last year. Opening for local Vancouver rappers Sonreal & Richkidd, G asked his fans to crowd around the stage, claiming that what was about to go down was “intimate”; and it was.

Of course, the first thing I noticed, was that the prettiest of pretty ladies were in attendance and going absolutely bonkers for G-Eazy’s entire performance. It’s easy to tell that G loves this vibe, and in one of his songs he literally rapped the lyrics while on his knees staring a girl in the front row in the eye! Obviously the lyrics weren’t about her, but I can’t even imagine how precious that moment is to her.

One thing that really stood out to me during the entire performance, is the live drummer that they had on stage playing along with G-Eazy’s already amazing beats.He continued accompany G in his performance, drumming to tracks off G’s new album Must Be Nice, along with a few tracks from his 2011 album The Endless Summer. This definitely allowed old and new fans to mutually enjoy not only the songs, but both the drummer and G-Eazy’s charismatic performances as well. With a suave 50’s style hair-do along with the vintage microphone standing center stage, it was obvious that despite being so far away from home (Bay Area or New Orleans), G still brought all his swag to canada.

Rappers like G-Eazy care about their fans in ways that most mainstream rappers wouldn’t take the time to do, which is what makes G-Eazy not only a dope rapper, but an awesome individual all around. I got the chance to say whats up to him after his performance, as he came out to the crowd to enjoy a drink and Sonreal & Richkidd’s performance. He was juiced to hear that I was a longtime fan and also from the Bay, which was really great to hear being so removed from home in Canada. Its amazing to have a bay area presence in Vancouver every once and a while, I hope G-Eazy makes it back here soon!

Check out one of G-Eazy’s older songs “I Be in the Lab”, trust me, if you were a Cartoon Network viewer as a child, you wont want to miss out on this dope track. He didn’t play this song at his Vancouver show, though when I saw him at the New Parrish in Oakland last year, he opened with it; instantly making the crowd go crazy.