Hercules & Love Affair – DJ Kicks Mix

Celebrating the past is something we at Metrojolt can fully appreciate. It’s always nice to be transported back in time to when music was always great and drugs weren’t filled with poison.

Adam Butler, head hauncho behind Hercules & Love Affair, captures this nostalgia perfectly with the most recent installment of the illustrious DJ Kicks series. The mix starts off disco with Mankind’s ‘Don’t Keep Me Waiting’, an infectious groove that gets you moving immediately. That’s what this mix is all about – showcasing the wondrous rhythm of sounds past. One of my personal favorites in the mix that showcases this is Mark Imperial’s ‘The Acieed That Ate New York’. It’s pure, unadulterated drum machine acid, and that’s just great. We just get so many different genres here…whether it be some straight jacking Chicago house, Detroit techno, or French sounding disco, you will not be left sitting still. This is an excellent mix to let play at a party – all your guests will be possessed with the groove and unable to sit. DJs can take away a lot from this mix too, I guarantee there are some big tracks in here you haven’t heard that would be a great asset in your arsenal. On the other hand, we get some nice vocal overlays from the Butler’s yoga instructor for some nice laid back vibes. This mix is really just great for all occasions, and I strongly recommend it for anyone even remotely interested in the history of dance music.

Another fun addition to the mix is Hercules & Love Affair’s own track ‘Release Me’. The track is (big surprise) hugely groovy, utilizing French house style melodies and vocals supplemented with ’90s house percussion. An all around great track with a great video to boot (if you’ve read my articles in the past, you may know I’m quite into things that make me feel like I’m raving in a warehouse in the ’90s. This video is the embodiment of that feeling).

For more information or to buy the record check out the website here.