Holler EP – Gents & Jawns

A while ago, I was shown “Vibrate” by a music geek friend of mine.  Then, a week later, I had heard “Vibrate” at least 20 times in various Moombahton sets across the interwebz.  Needless to say, I wasn’t that surprised at the rising popularity of the track; when the vocal sample before the nastiest 108 bpm drop is “Hoe got somethin vibratin in her coochie” it’s hard for people not to take notice.

Long Jawns & Billy the Gent were the masterminds behind the Moombahton anthem “Vibrate”, and they just recently gave away a new EP for free called Holler under their new moniker: Gents & Jawns.  The EP, released on Diplo’s Mad Decent label, features the original bouncy Moombahton banger “Holler”, two really diverse remixes by Valentino Khan and David Heartbreak, as well as Gents & Jawns original “Bugoff”; a 128 bpm floor smasher.  Stream the EP below, follow this new destructive duo on Facebook and Soundcloud and download Holler here!