Iamsu! – $uzy 6 $peed [Review]

The hottest rapper in the Bay is back at it again, better keep your girl on lock. After murdering 4 beats, with fellow Invasion/HBK members, and a guest verse on Wiz’s Cabin Fever 2, Iamsu! delivers more fire for fans to slap to. Presented by Pink Dolphin (his favorite clothing brand), $uzy 6 $peed slides listeners a sneak peek into the future of the HBK sound.

While this comes as no surprise, Suzy lyrically abuses most of the tracks with his impressively quick yet articulate flow, leaving them on the side of the road as he peels out in his Lambo. After getting a taste of big money with his TGOD cosign, he has kicked it into 6th gear, clearly hungrier and more driven with his bars. He’s deservedly drawing features from bigger names, like Juvenille and Wiz, and then murdering his verses on those songs to display his well-oiled flow. The next level has been reached and he’s ready to get paid like it. So he’s out here ‘Mobbin’:

The gangs in yo area turn it up in yo stereo

Here we go back on that shit to make the Bay go hysterical

In LA on the paper chase and the cops in pursuit

Got some pills in the back and I think she poppin’ a few

While similar to his previous tapes, Iamsu! came with something a little different on the instrumentals for $uzy 6 Speed. With less of HBK’s ubiquitously upbeat synth bounce permeating the beats, tracks like ‘Gone’ hold less of that distinct Bay vibe. While this is not a bad thing, as the songs still slap, it signifies a changing of the guard, Suzy and the rest of HBK have started his ascent towards the national spectrum. Gone are the days of ‘Igloo’ and ‘HBKJoe Beat,’ his sound has progessed to something more appealing to the entire West Coast.

Ultimately, $uzy 6 $peed is another fresh tape out of the HBK camp that is definitely worth the listen. Iamsu! parades unique lyrical style around a variety of beats in an attempt to gain more recognition outside of the Bay. With this tape along with his work on Cabin Fever 2, I have a hunch that he and his click (clique) are finna blow, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they sign a deal soon (to TGOD possibly?).

Check out The Miseducation of Iamsu! & KILT! (via Thizzler) if you are interested in more Suzy. Also give him a follow on twitter and check out #CrashCourse by fellow squad member HBK CJ, a dope tape that flew under the radar.