Ital Tek – Pixal Haze (VIP) [Free Download]

Hailing from the intergalactic and fantastic label Planet Mu, Ital Tek aka. Alan Myson has yet again blown my mind with an un-released version of his track Pixel Haze from his most recent album Nebula Dance. Over the years, Ital Tek has been constantly evolving his musical style in more enthralling and captivating ways, keeping me curious and attentive after each of his releases for the last three years now. The vicious outpour of snares and hi-hats keeps the song creates a sense of urgency while moving forward through the song, but accompanied by his flawless and heavy digital synth variation swarms around in the dark and mysterious recesses of the track gives the song a strange but pleasant meditative aspect to the forefront of the track. Cudos Ital Tek, you are a true champion of sound. Keep doing your thing!

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