Jackin’ With The Drums – Enormous EP

Jackin’ With The Drums are a relatively new Belgian techno trio.  While I had heard the name a few times before, this ep essentially served as my introduction to them.  The Enormous EP begins with the aptly named title track.  The first drop slams in after a short noisy delay infused build.  As the reverb from the breakdown fades and the synth stabs come in, it’s like a slap in the face.  The drop has that kind of sudden shift in sound which can give you that fleeting moment of clarity you feel after dancing for hours on end at a festival to techno.  The first drop is all blaring synth stabs occasionally interrupted by heavy tribal drums.  It’s a simple groove that carries a surprising amount of weight.  Half way through, Jackin’ With The Drums switch the beat up  in favor of a murderous taiko drum groove.  The percussion only section is short lived as the synth stabs roll back in, but with an entirely new pattern.  It’s these kind of subtle shifts that make ‘Enormous’ such a successful track for me.

The last two tracks on the EP are ‘Epicrome’ and an acid mix of ‘Epicrome’.  ‘Epicrome’ may not be as strong of a track as ‘Enormous’, but it’s a solid track in its own right.  I think the strength of the track is in its simplicity and repetition and the fact that it doesn’t try to be anything more than a fat ass techno song.  The acid mix adds a bit of flair with a vocal sample along with the 303.  Although I can’t put my finger on what exactly is responsible for it, the 303 mix seems to have a bouncier funk feel than the other mix.

Before I leave you to listen, may I make one suggestion?  Please wear some headphones.  Ones that don’t suck.  These are the sort of tracks that need and deserve proper listening.  The Enormous EP is out now on Tuffem Up Records.  Pick it up on Beatport if you’re feeling these beats as hard as I am.

And here’s a teeny bonus for you guys.  Jackin’ With The Drums recently did the second guest mix for the brand new and very exciting DJ/producer collective known as CRVL.  Give it a listen and download below!