Joey Bada$$ (Feat. Smoke DZA & Big K.R.I.T.) – Underground Airplay [Video Review]

For all of my old-heads and rap purists out there who miss Hip Hop’s so-called “Golden Age”, I present to you Joey Bada$$Smoke DZA, and Big K.R.I.T.: three of the best the new school has to offer. Their new track entitled‘Underground Airplay’ is a NYC grimey-vibed banger that showcases each emcee’s distinct lyrical style in their finest form.  Made even doper with the added visuals, the music video’s black and white, gritty vibe are sure to send any Wu-Tang fan into a blissful nostalgia. Watching the song’s first few lines, it’s Bada$$’ feverishly loose flow that sharply demands the listener’s attention:
What you lookin’ at?
I’m wit the Crooklyn Pack,
Don’t front, we brought Brooklyn back,
You know where my lines in, where the hook is at
One punchline outshine ’em ‘fore I show ’em where the hook is at
where you at? Pro Era Info you ca’ book us at (@)…
Though this is just a random collab track to be featured on the Marc Ecko Underground Airplay mixtape dropping March 8th, it seems like Joey (DZA and K.R.I.T. too) came in the booth trying to make a statement.  A notable progression in Bada$$’ flow is his use of accents.  There is are a few points in his verse where Joey flips his flow and switches from his Brooklyn to his Jamaican accent on this track that create absolute dopeness. 
DZA is DZA, not much else to say about it.  Harlem’s own Rugby Thompson kept it extra greazy with his verse, coming in flipping the intro to one my personal favorite Big L joints.  DZA seems to have perfected his lazy chiefer flow on this one:
Road trips, I let my young chick rock
hold the work for a nigga, slide at the rest stop,
Hungry like a nigga fresh out
sippin’ medicated punch, somewhere decked out,
Scribble my name X your name out, fuck off me,
turpentine to get the stain out, uh
Like Joey Bada$$, Smoke DZA really does his thing on this track, showing why he is one of the best out right now, but K.R.I.T. stole the show.  It’s funny because I actually haven’t been a K.R.I.T. fan until this point, but this is simply one of the nicest verses I’ve heard in a minute.  K.R.I.T., ironically the only non-NYC emcee on this New York-styled beat, blacks out almost immediately and does not let up until the very last bar.  Not for nothing, all emcees came correct on this, but I think any adept Hip Hop listener will agree with me that K.R.I.T. is spitting lightyears ahead:
Niggas ain’t fuckin wit Cinematic
half of these niggas ain’t even average
how easy the word classic gets tossed around,
But fuck them critics, I do this shit here for the underground
bubble hotter than molten lava that burn their summer down,
Itty bitty titty sucker, where them hoes you claim you fuckin‘?
All up on my jock again, I get around like Pac’n ’em
Slammin’ sushi roll tires wit Teriyaki paint,
I chopstick her dim sum (den sum), enter the drag-ain….
There’s nothing left to say, watch the video, download the track, and sit back and wait for more audio crack from DZA, K.R.I.T. and Joey Bada$$: just a few of the leaders of the new school.
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