Joey Bada$$ – Unorthodox [Song Review]

Know this world is bone chillin,

make meals (mills) in hell’s kitchen with these dishes

properly delivered, drop trees in my swisha

now bring that back to my property witcha

Only a few days into the new year and Joey Bada$$ already seems to be claiming 2013 for the taking.   And way to start with a bang!  With some vintage production from one of the staples of Hip Hop’s “Golden Era,”  DJ Premier,  Joey Bada$$ continues to demonstrate why he is a frontrunner in NYC’s resurgence on the rap scene.  This Premier X Bada$$ connection has been highly anticipated on many rap radars for about a week or so and it definitely didn’t disappoint.  You got Premo laying the canvas and Joey blacking out pretty much the second he starts his first verse:

See with your eyes dilated for the sake of the Gs.

But keep it sacred chief,

Fuck a rat race we take the cheese

jack cheddar from the make believes

break the trees on the ACD

rockin a red and black lumberjack faithfully

I’m a Brooklyn nigga, basically,

I grind with grimest

Learned how to eat in the jungle full’a hyenas

And vultures, don’t worry what a verse will cost ya

From the young scorcher just remember who taught ya…

Bada$$ sounds flawless on Premo’s Gangstarr-remiscent production.  This beat showcases the highly revered beat maker’s classic looping format that made him so popular in the 90s. It really says something that dude is only 18, yet runs with a style like two decades older than him.  Take note, if he keeps doing this, 2013 will be Joey Bada$$’ year. Bet.

– Osama