Juke Ellington [Guest Mix #13]

Having been part of the Belgian Bass scene for quite some time now, its safe to say that well established DJ and Producer Juke Ellington is only moving up in this world. We were lucky enough for him to submit a guest mix to us, which encompasses an insane tracklisting including some real trill shit, trap, and of course, juke and footwork.

Juke Ellington -The Metropolitan Jolt Guest Mix by Juke Ellington on Mixcloud

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1. Mr. Vandal – Money
2. UFO! – It’s A Trap
3. Angger Dimas – Hey Freak! (Ookay Trap Remix)
4. HugLife a.k.a. DJ Sliink – I’m Ill (Original Mix)
5. Shake It Like a Polaroid – That KiDiV
6. Bangin on the Windshield
7. Http – DonWaNNa
8. Bro Safari & UFO! – 2012
9. Ree$e – Molly (LOUDPVCK Remix)
10. Ozzie x Hucci – Stacks
11. SQUIDLA – Blap (TRPL3 Remix)
12. LOUDPVCK x gLAdiator – Scaley (Pyr-Mid Juke Remix)
13. Cabo Blanco – Pimpin Hoes
14. What You Mean (Mr. Pigman Edit)
15. Bingo Players – When I Dip (Static Remix)
16. Chicago Mother Fuckers!
17. Kaptain Cadillac – Bullshit and Gangstashit
18. Raziek – BounceWithIt
19. Benga – NIGHT (Poppa Doses RMX) _v4
20. LENKEMZ – Burn This Floor
21. Zebra Katz x Boyfriend – Wintter Titty (Lenkems Remix VIP)

Residing in Mons, Belgium, Juke Ellington has played in clubs all over Europe including his performance at the world renowned Paris Social Club with friends NAH LIKE, Dave Luxe, and Kesmo back in mid-January. Recently, he’s been working on planning a tour of the US which so far includes shows across the Mid-West, as well as Texas’s own SXSW Festival.

In 2005 Juke Ellington begun as rapper (under the name of Haro) with the collective La Cronik . Little by little, he dropped the singing to dedicate himself to musical production. Five years later, Mister Ellington began to produce various musical styles like Baltimore Club, Ghetto Bass, MoombahJuke, and Footwork/Juke. His influences mainly arise from the hip-hop, but also Chicago House, hardcore, dubstep, techno, and other ghetto sounds. 

In 2011 Juke Ellington joined CHICAGO UNDERGROUND TEAM with Dj Kidriot, DeejayDmas,Dj Pulse,Dj Sype , Dj Blackout & Dj Erodix ! He also joined HIVEMIND, a collective unifying artists from across the United States and overseas. Juke now represents collectives from all around the world including #TOMCREW HIVEMIND 700KLUB 710 RECORDS ERRANCE RECORDS #PDB FORWARD THINKING SOUNDS #Dicksquad Tomorrow is today

The first thought I had when discovering the talents of Juke Ellington was: “You mean Duke, right?”, I obviously had no idea what was to come.  Juke Ellington’s influences obviously include the styles and sounds of the great jazz musician Duke Ellington; those of which can be easily heard in one of my favorite tracks titled LOVE TRVP & BA$$, made up of a smooth and emotional bass-line and awesome synthesized trumpets repeating a soothing melody throughout the track. For fun, he recently produced the beat for a rap group from Malaga, Spain; the song is titled True Savia and Juke’s deep and heartfelt melodies can be heard resonating across the entire song.

If you’ve never heard Juke’s range in talent, I suggest you listen to the above songs before diving in. His abilities to make chill bass-y tunes are insanely dope, though his name DOES have something to do with the music he mainly produces…JUKE! Scroll down this man’s Soundcloud, and I guarantee you’ll have your feet moving faster than you’d ever imagined. The intense and upbeat style that is Juke has become mastered by Ellington, as his skills are showcased in this OG track: my favorite as well as his, Tell Me What You Need Bitch.

In terms of upcoming material, Juke Ellington has an album in the works and is working on a number of EP’s with various producers and rappers. It is rumored that Juke will make an appearance in the legendary Boiler Room in Berlin sometime in the next few months, make sure to stay tuned for that!