Bird Peterson [Free Downloads]

Who is this guy who’s kissing the most adorable kitten known to man? His name is Bird Peterson, and he some of the coolest hottest funk bangin’ jams out there.  Ever since his Birdland Volume 1 mix, I’ve been following this guy (a bit creepily), since every single one of his tracks just excites me.  It’s like if J Dilla and Flosstradamus had a baby; the sound would come kind of close to describing Bird Peterson, a.k.a Drankenstein.  On his Birdland Volumes, we’ll get a mixtape of 1-2 minute beats flowing along with each other and quite frankly, they’re some of the best beats out there. Plus, he remixes just about anyone from Gartner to Kendrick and each time, the track  has it’s own unique flair.

Below you’ll find his Birdland Volumes 1 and 2 here along with Bird’s two newest remixes of Kendrick’s ‘Swimming Pools’ and Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’.  In ‘Swimming Pools’, Bird takes Kendrick’s popular hit single and switches up the vibe, giving the track a downtempo trap feel.  My favorite part is the 2nd verse where Bird displays my favorite thing about this new Trap fad that other producers simply don’t seem to get; less is way more effective.  The deep warm kick sends chills up your spine.  In ‘Diamonds’, Bird places Rihanna’s pure seductive voice along top a melody of simple deep bass that ensnares you until the drop, where Rihanna’s chopped and screwed vocals are accentuated by a full deep grinding bass line.  Birdland Volumes 1 and 2 are both 20 minutes of Bird Peterson certified hot and funky beats.

Be sure to follow this guy on Soundcloud and Facebook.  He gives out plenty of tracks for free.  Plus, his love for cats is adorable.