Krampfhaft – First Threshold EP

Before I go into detailing this EP, let me start by making a bold statement: big bass music doesn’t have to come from the United Kingdom. Confused? After taking a listen to this EP Preview you won’t be. Joris van Grunsven is from Utrecht, Netherlands. The name Krampfhaft translates to something like “convulsive”, which is a perfect word to describe his taste in producing music. Hailing from popular Amsterdam label Rwina Records, Krampfhaft is quickly rising to stardom as his fourth EP titled ‘First Threshold’ was released not too long ago. His post-dubstep bass and unique synths make up a hard, yet enjoyable sound; and those, mixed with his wacky, sporadic choruses and breakdowns, have taken over the minds of famous UK and American DJ/Producers like Starkey, EPROM, and more.

The first two tracks of this EP make you feel like you are in an IMAX theatre, watching an intense thriller; thats how erie and suspenseful this music is. “In Session”, the first track, provides the perfect introduction to any big bass album or EP consisting of really intense flute synths and low, steady bass rolling through the entire song. It eloquently flows into the next track “Marram”, which is another journey within itself.

Please, don’t listen to this track on bad speakers, or this entire EP for that matter; you won’t be able to understand how intense his creative and melodic bass actually is. Marram still leaves me in awe after I hear the first bass bump come in, not to mention when it actually starts groovin’ around a minute into the track. This song was built to be in a movie soundtrack, as the melodic harmonies are awesome and aesthetically pleasing, even though the bass is extremely overpowering and makes you just want to bob your head up and down. This song really showcases the very easily visible talents of Krampfhaft, who works as a sound designer by day, and successful DJ/Producer by night.

Twin Prime, the fourth track, showcases how diverse his taste in music is. With elements of Dubstep and Glitch-hop incorporated into the somewhat trap-style breakdown and drop, this song is for anyone who liked Wubstep at one point, or still does; though if you don’t like Dubstep; this one probably won’t sit right with you. Give it a try anyways!

The fifth track, In A Dream, instantly brings you out of your Dubstep funk or whatever mood the fourth track put you in. This upbeat and crazy synthed masterpiece has an extremely commanding clap and snare, and really makes you understand why he is “trapped in a dream” as the only lyrics in the song exclaim. This song was obviously influenced by hip-hop beats, samples, and breaks, can easily be heard by the ever so many scattered high-hats throughout this song and the final song “Bones”. This EP is FIRE, take a listen to the Preview posted to Krampfhaft’s Soundcloud!