NIGHT SLUGS [Label Love]

Label Love #1: NIGHT SLUGS

Metrojolt is proud to present our new monthly series LABEL LOVE, a monthly installment we started to show our favorite music labels the love and respect that they deserve!!

The labels we have chosen to kick things off with our new series are the one and only NIGHT SLUGS. First created in London in 2008 by DJs and producers Alex Sushon (aka. BOK BOK) and James Connolly (aka. L-Vis 1990), Night Slugs quickly racked up a squad of colorful and innovative producers that would play a vital role in changing the face of bass music starting its journey at an underground dive in the UK and gradually working its way around the rest of the world.

Night Slugs holds a special place in my heart because of its role in exposing me to the beauty of cutting edge UK Bass  and the label’s genuine investigational tendencies in creating their music. The album that started me on this incredible journey was Night Slug’s Allstars Vol. 1… and all of you reading out there could not comprehend my excitement when NIGHT SLUGS ALLSTARS VOL. 2 was recently released for our listening pleasure! This album is a milestone in electronic music and deserves all attention I can possibly give it.  Night Slugs people!!! Know thy name! Love thy name!

Bok Bok


The mastermind behind the label and one of the most respected artists in the UK Bass scene for his music AND his visual art. One of the essential steps in creating a label that really sticks with people is creating a visual element that can be associated with the label. The label’s aesthetic looks a little something like a crazy computerized acid trip in the 80’s (sounds awesome) and truly compliments the label’s sound in more ways then I could possibly describe. Bok Bok continues to lead the Night Slugs in a forward direction with a trailblazing attitude and shows no signs of slowing down.

L-Vis 1990


Co-creator of Night Slugs, James Connolly aka. L-Vis 1990, started making waves in the electronic music scene in 2008 after releasing a number of EPs on labels such as Mad Decent, Sound Pellegrino and of course through the newly formed Night Slugs label. L-Vis and Bok Bok have worked on a number of projects together including their release of their album The Velvet Collection under the name Velour. The two label heads still put on performances together and continue to promote the Night Slugs all over the map.

Girl Unit


Right out of the box in 2010 with only a single release under his belt, the sounds of Girl Unit took the streets of the UK by storm with his smash hit ‘Wut’. With every DJ imaginable dropping his track, Night Slugs had to expedite the release date of ‘Wut’ because of the massive hype it was accumulating. Ever since, Girl Unit has proved to be an essential member of the Night Slugs team. (The Claude Von Stroke remix of ‘WUT’ is dirty also so be sure to give that listen as well).



Kingdom, hailing from Los Angeles CA, made his debut with Night Slugs at the label’s second club night ever and brought the label considerable attention for his performance and his unique tracks with synths that leap from one end of the sound spectrum to the other and choppy snares/percussion that work their way around the dance floor. Kingdom now owns his own record label Fade to Mind, a fantastic label that does not stray far away from the sounds of the Night Slugs. The two labels continue to work closely together and their combined efforts have only strengthened their music. Big ups to Kingdom, he’s the shit.

Jacques Greene


Showing off the softer side of the Night Slugs crew, the young and talented Jacques Greene hailing from Montreal brings things down a notch in his own spaced out post-dub way. But don’t get me wrong, despite Greene’s tracks being a little less intense then the rest of the Slugs, the danceability remains the same. Peppering many of his songs with choppy, repetitive lyrics compliment his style of slow progressing build ups that leaves you enamored with his production process. Greene’s R&B influence when making his tracks has only been complimented by singers like Katy B and Ango  who help add a very “Barry White” vibe to his music. Not a bad choice if you are kicking it with that special someone if you know what I mean.


Bible Eyes

Egyptrixx brings his musical aptitude to the table through his creation of sweeping electronic landscapes with his use of sharp alienated synth lines, encompassing the inventive and futuristic attitude/style the Night Slugs are all too famous for. His album Bible Eyes released through Night Slugs in 2011 was critically acclaimed and received high ratings on blogs such as Pitchfork and Fader for the boundaries it achieved in pushing in electronic music. The entire album has a curious and uneasy vibe to it and strays far away from traditional harmonic melodies and has structured his songs in a way all his own.

Be sure to check out these other incredibly talented musicians on the NIGHTS SLUGS label!! And don’t forget to get your copy of NIGHT SLUGS ALLSTARS VOL. 2 today!


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