Lace The Beat [Rap Contest]

Today at Metrojolt, we would like introduce something entirely new to our site. We present the first of our reader-driven competition — a freestyle/ rap contest. Here’s how this works: we provide you with a beat from Teddy Roxpin and you work show off your musical skills. Download the beat ‘Laced’ via the Metrojolt SoundCloud, then hop on it — record a video or audio file and send us your best freestyle. Craft your rhymes to make a track between one and two minutes before you email it to with the subject line, ‘Lace the Beat Rap Contest’ by Friday, February 22nd. At the end of February, we at Metrojolt will vote on the winners and announce our favorite submissions. You will win an Endorphins prize pack and will get written up on the blog. So show off your skills, send it in, and cross your fingers.

Endorphins is both a clothing brand and simply energy, and energy is neither destroyed nor created, it is simply recycled. Their mission is to promote social well-being by providing the world with its right to the pursuit of endorphins.  Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on their new pieces.

Just to reiterate the guidelines: Record your track over the ‘Laced’ instrumental. Then email it to by February 22nd. Wait to be crowned Metrojolt famous! Winners will announced in an article at the end of February and the best one will receive an Endorphins prize pack.


Teddy Roxpin is a phenomenal producer who has graced us with an extremely high quality Metrojolt Exclusive beat. He’s worked with Tayiib Ali, Moosh and Twist, Young Chris and most notably, Mac Miller. We were lucky enough to score a featured interview with him which you can find here.



Peep his Soundcloud and a list of some of his highest profile beats.