Layo & Bushwacka! – Can’t Hurt You [Remixes]

Techno is doing awesome right now. It’s so refreshing! I’m not sure what it is, but I’ve just heard so goddamn many great techno releases in the past few months. The freshest is Layo & Bushwacka!’s Can’t Hurt You remix EP, a collection of new takes on the single from Rising and Falling

Guti starts the package off, giving an incredibly groovy, tribal percussion driven version of the track. As soon as I heard the first four bars, I was reminded of Aphex Twin’s ‘We Are The Music Makers’ – the bassline has a very similar groove and pitch. One of the most important parts of this kind of techno is the groove, and Guti does an excellent job of keeping things interesting throughout the track with a steady, solid set of drums, bass, and vocal hits to complement. It really is quite similar to very early Aphex Twin – we get that ethreal, underwater feeling we hear in Selected Ambient Works 85-92 with the drum and bass extracted and techno mainlined into the heart. You can always count on a Desolat artist to spruce up any EP, it’s no surprise Guti starts the EP off strong.

The second remix is from Crosstown Rebels’ Russ Yullop. While percussion plays a huge role in this track, the real driving force is the bassline and vocal. It’s one of those pure techno tracks that’s so groovy that it’s incredibly heavy – exactly what I like to see. After a great intro section with all the elements thrown in to build tension, I was hugely impressed by the climax around 2 minutes in. We are simply left with the kick, snare, hat, and bassline for about four bars, and it’s just brilliant. Less is certainly more in this mix, and it serves as a great slower mix with all the energy of the original.

The final remix is Just Be’s – one of Bushwacka!’s other projects. We are again assaulted with huge percussion, and while one might expect another groovy, looping bassline, we instead are treated with a more lush sounding track, driven by drums and pads. As opposed to a club style track like the first two, this is more of a laid back style song, putting the listener in a trace as they groove around their chair. The vocals are very hypnotic – this is what I would put on if I was in the mood for some techno style yoga.

No surprise here, just another huge EP from Olmeto. Enjoy!