Le1f and Boody – Sweet Tea (Cedaa Remix)

Our friends over at Boysnoize Records have once again showed us their overwhelming musical insight and prowess by bringing us this killer remix from Washingtons juke king Cedaa for their newly signed BNR artists Le1f and Boody.

Le1f and Boody are the fathers/mothers of a new genre of rap that has come straight out of the closet and onto the streets where it was grabbing the attention of people everywhere. Le1f was initially influenced by “Ball Culture”, an LGBT sub-culture that has existed in the Harlem area of NYC for over 50 years where different houses of gay and transsexual men would compete in vogue competitions. Le1f and Boody draw much of their musical inspiration from the Juke/Ghetto House scene but still show great variety and originality in their tracks, using a plethora of sound to create their grimy, deep and explicit rap game that is unlike anything the hip-hop scene has ever seen before. Their newest album Liquid off of BNR Recrods is out now and is defiantly worth listening to!

I always love hearing new stuff from Cedaa and I was very pleasantly surprised when I saw that he did a remix on their newest album. There is something about the way Cedaa manipulates the lyrics of the songs he remixes that really captivates me. He does it so well!! Aside from this, the song is prepped for dance floor success and brings a pleasant mechanic element to the song that the original does not. Be sure to check it out bellow!

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