Loco Dice – Toxic EP

Loco Dice’s new EP, Toxic, on his self created record label Desolat Music is ready to be released for your listening pleasure on November 12th. Being a huge minimal techno fan myself, I can honestly say with confidence that these four tracks have been whittled down to perfection and is primed, mixed and ready for monstrously successful dance floor moments. In keeping with the artistic trend like those on Richie Hawtins Minus Label, Loco Dice makes the central abstract concept around his album the word “Toxic”, naming the featured tracks Auxotox, Detox, Neurotox and Retox.

The first track Autotox starts the EP off on a strong note with a hot shuffle with a timely progression that dives into a heavy bass and a sparse guitar riff that swims around the end of the track. Detox, my favorite song on the EP, is harmonically unrestricted and centers itself around a single bass note while the other elements of the song form a contagious upbeat groove. Neurotox and Retox keep with our typical beloved minimal sound with agressive down to earth bass riffs and wisps of ominous techno vocals.

When I first heard this profound techno EP, I couldn’t help but associate the Toxic imagery with a green puff of smoke, slowly growing while thumping with the bass and perilously creeping its way to the dance floor. All the while it infects its audience with a frenzy of relentless unchanging rhythm, sonically seducing them in a minimal bliss. But hey…thats just the effect it had on me, check it out yourself and lets see what you hear.

Be sure to check out Loco Dice (Facebook) and The Desolat Music Group (Facebook, Soundcloud)