Mac Miller

Ladies and Gentlemen: it is my pleasure to introduce to you Mac Miller, a nineteen year old Jewish kid hailing from Pittsburg, PA who kicks incredibly dope shit.

It’s easy to forget that Mac Miller is just nineteen years young and that all his music has been recorded within the last five years. If you just close your eyes and slap this shit it seems entirely possible that the track coming out of your speakers was recorded two decades ago 370 miles east of Mac Miller’s studio in Pittsburg. His style is a juxtaposition of old school hip-hop and youthful verses that seem to flow effortlessly. His producer samples Nas, OutKast, Lord Finesse and even Michael Jackson to create a backdrop that is as much about honoring his influences as creating a beat that gets your head bumping.

Additionally, Big L had a tremendous impact Mac Miller; in an interview with Hard Knock TV he said: “Lifestyles of the Poor and Dangerous was my soundtrack.” He also talked about growing up listening to Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley and The Beatles in the car with his mom.

For those of you that feel the music, there’s a new “not quite an album / not quite a mixtape” titled Best Day Ever dropping VERY SOON, so look out for it.

Nikes On My Feet – Mac Miller

Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza – Mac Miller

The Spins – Mac Miller

17 feat. Mac Miller – JFK