MPHD [Guest Mix #28]


Hailing from our own San Francisco, MPHD is a leading pioneer of the Gastrobass movement.  You may call scheme, citing how it’s easy to pioneer a genre you made up.  All the same, MPHD is doing something incontrovertibly special with his grinding basslines and driving drums.  MPHD’s sound is electro and techno rolled into one.  With already a few EPs beneath him, MPHD continues to prove he has some serious chops in the studio.

His guest mix proves he can lay it down on the decks just as hard.  It’s exactly what you would expect if you know his music.  We’ve got 45 minutes of flawlessly mixed heavy electro-techno. The tracklisting for the guest mix is available in the description on SoundCloud.

MPHD’s new Camp EP is some of the best warbling bass future techno he’s churned out yet.  With dozens of tracks to his name, the man has already set the bar high.  The EP comes with 3 originals each with their own massively distorted low end.  After all, that is what’s considered in vogue in the entirely made up Gastrobass scene. The EP also includes a pair of fresh remixes from Bobble (Gold Nite Records) and Education.  You can check out MPHD’s full Camp EP below.  If you’re one of the hippest kids on the block, you might even be able to grab ‘Camp’ for free.  MPHD is only keeping it up for download for the first 50 so I suggest you jump on that.

Camp is set for release tomorrow off Bad Shoes Records.

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