Mumbai Science – Impact

It’s 2013! Time for techno!

Well, one woud assume techno from duo Mumbai Science. While what we get with Impact is most certainly techno, it is a different style of techno that we’re used to from Mumbai Science. The sound definitely fits with Lektroluv though – instead of the acid influenced, pure techno tracks like ‘Transcendence’, ‘Impact’ lends from Lektroluv artists like Modek for a big, 909 electro track. Not to say there’s a lack of techno, if ‘Impact’ itself doesn’t suit your needs, John Roman scales back the heavy for a very ‘Petrified’ – esque tribal drum remix like he is so good at doing. The Advent & Industrialyzer Music & Machine remix was also a fun addition – throwing in a Dirtybird style tech house take on the track. Each piece adds a great style to the EP, starting the year off right with a full, well-rounded release from both Mumbai Science and Lektroluv.