Nero has gotten some, well deserved, love here on metrojolt before. While I don’t love their newest track Promises, it still deserves a post. I’m a big fan of Sub Focus as well (all time favorite track is his Hold On remix). At first I thought the lyrics were a bit cheesy, but they are growing on me. Give the track three days, and maybe you’ll like it, too.

Promises – Nero

So who are these dudes? Daniel Stephens and Joe Ray, both from the UK, make up Nero. They have been rapidly gaining very well deserved hype. If you’re Cali local, they will be in LA for HARD fest on August 6th. Def worth the trek south, I think tix are still only $50.

Guilt is awesome. You know what is more awesome than Guilt? Guilt VIP. Check it.

Guilt VIP – Nero

Innocence is one of my favorites. Feed Me absolutely tore it up with his remix, and turned it into a House track. Had it on repeat the last couple weeks.

Innocence (Original Mix)

Innocence – Nero (Feed Me Remix)

Added Bonus:

Hypercaine (Nero Dubstep Mix) – DJ Fresh

Wanna say thanks to my buddy Micheal over at Vacay Vitamins for all the DLs