Nicole Moudaber – Sonic Language EP

If you’re a fan of techno, you’re a fan of Drumcode. And chances are if you’re a fan of Drumcode you’re a fan of Nicole Moudaber, one of the most emotionally connected and innovative producers on the market right now (check out our interview with her if you haven’t already – her insight gives her music that much more impact).

If you’re a fan of all these things, you’re sure to enjoy Moudaber’s new EP Sonic Language. One of my favorite things about her is her uncanny ability to explore a hugely diverse array of sounds – contextualizing them in ways you simply don’t hear elsewhere. I’d like to discuss the two individual tracks, but likely the best description is a single word from Adam Beyer:


This single word encapsulates the feeling of this EP better than any string of words I can think of. The juxtaposition of soft synths, lush pads, tribal drums, and tech-y stabs makes for both a sonically rich landscape and club playability – the perfect mix of deep, fully explored synth production and groove in the drums. We can’t be surprised by this – Moudaber has a knack for effortlessly creating ‘timeless’ tracks that are sure to be relevant for years to come.

Another favorite quality of Moudaber is her skill in combining old-school techno influences with the current club climate. You get the classic techno/deep house/tech feel (especially in ‘The Road To Transformation’) mixed with hugely relevant current elements (those stabs, man) that make these tracks some of the most adaptable I’ve heard. You could throw these down in just about any style of techno/house set with a positive reaction.